Angry Mennonite Hockey Fan Can’t Figure Out “Waut de schissjat is wrong with those Jats yet!”


Local hockey fan Mr. Kehler, who owns three acres just off Henderson Highway in Vanapag, is sea upset about the Jats performance as of late and expressed his rage in a recent Facebook post.

“Waut de schissjat! Dis team had farst place all locked up and dan it’s like they don’t know how to play anymores,” said Kehler. “It reminds me of the horseshoes match last summer in the Sandilands. Mr. Wiebe had three ringers and a leaner and dan, for some reason, he just couldn’t even hook one around the post after that.”

Although the Vanapag Jats did make the playoffs this year, Mr. Kehler is not very optimistic about their chances.

“It’s like with the hogs,” explained Kehler. “Sometimes you get a great batch of piglets and dan sometimes there’s a runt or two. Well, lately, that whole team has been runts of the litter!”

As an expression of just how far off the bandwagon he truly is, Mr. Kehler plans to wear black during any Jets whiteout they have this season.

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