The Most Popular Daily Bonnet Articles of 2020

Well that sure was a year to remember … or forget. Perhaps it’s better if we remember 2020 from the lens of the Daily Bonnet.

Here are the top ten most popular articles of 2020. Click on the links below to refresh your memory about some of the Daily Bonnet’s most read articles of 2020!

10. Hutterite Women’s Hockey Team Destroys Slumping Winnipeg Jets

9. A Glossary of Low German Words Used on the Daily Bonnet

8. Vancouver Blizzard Blamed on Visiting Relatives from Manitoba

7. 1.4 Million Manitobans Show Up at Steep Rock All at Once

6. Winnipeg Cult Leader to Hold Massive ‘Anti-Seatbelt’ Rally in Steinbach

5. Mennonite Church Allows Dancing Now that Everyone Has to Keep Six Feet Apart

4. Patrik Laine Traded to the Blumenort Menno Knights

3. Patriots Release Tom Brady to Pursue CFL Opportunities

2. Harry and Meghan to Winter in Regina

1. ‘Rage Against the Machine’ Smashes Capitalism with $300 Concert Tickets

Watch Andrew Unger run down the Top Ten list on YouTube here:

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