Harry and Meghan to Winter in Regina


Harry and Meghan have decided to take a step back from royal duties and live a normal life on the Canadian Prairies.

“We plan to winter in Regina,” said Harry. “We wanted to be as utterly normal as possible and what better place to normal it up than in Regina!”

Harry and Meghan have already bought themselves bunny hugs and season tickets to the Pats.

“We picked Regina because of its amazing winters,” said Meghan. “Plus I hear the Queen City Kids are from here, aren’t they?”

The couple are also planning to earn their own money from now on and Harry has already got himself a job as an oil rigger.

“And Meghan’s going to work part time at the Northgate Mall,” said Harry. “As soon as I get myself a snapback Riders cap, you won’t be able to tell me apart from any other Reginian.”

The couple plan to spend their summers in nearby Moose Jaw.

(photo credit: dackelprincess/CC)

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