Vancouver Blizzard Blamed on Visiting Relatives from Manitoba


By west coast standards, a couple centimetres of snow is a blizzard and can shut down a city. So when such significant weather patterns blanket the region, locals are quick to find someone to blame.

“It’s the Friesens!” exclaimed local woman Melissa Klassen, whose ancestors moved to BC in 1983. “Anytime you get visitors from Altona this always happens!”

The Friesens are being asked to stay in southern Manitoba from now on and keep the snow out there where it belongs.

“I’m sick and tired of these Manitoba Mennos coming here in winter and bringing their weather with them,” said Klassen. “Friesens of the world, listen, you are just not welcome here, not in winter anyway.”

Klassen is already drumming up interest on a class action lawsuit against the visiting Friesens.

“I haven’t owned a snow shovel my entire life and today, for the first time, I had to go out and buy one!” said Klassen. “I expect to be compensated!”

The Friesens say they are not the ones to blame and, besides, doesn’t it always rain whenever those BC folks visit Manitoba?

(photo credit: denverkid/CC)

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