Mennonite Farmers Excited for Bountiful Papsi and Ravel Crop this Year


After a good start to the growing season, farmers across the Pembina Valley are enthusiastic about this year’s Papsi and Ravel crop.

“We’ve had a good rain in June and then a nice stretch of warm temperatures this week and I’m hoping that will continue,” said Ravel farmer Ben Fehr. “This weather is really the perfect condition for our Papsi and Ravel crops.”

Although there’s still some time before harvest season, eager Mennonites are getting really excited for this year’s crop.

“I know you can get Papsi and Ravel from the store,” said local mom Melissa Wiens. “But, for me, nothing beats a farm fresh Papsi and Ravel. The store bought ones just don’t taste the same.”

Friedensruh farmers are also hoping with the rain we’ve been having that they’ll also have a really good crop of Salt and Vanagar chaps.

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