Taylor Swift Endorses One of Her Ex-Boyfriends for President


Perpetually heartbroken singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has weighed into the political realm this week and endorsed “a young man who broke my heart years ago” for President.

“Although Dillon is not actually on the ballot, I think he’d make a really good candidate,” Tweeted Swift, who also recorded a song about the aforementioned Dillon. “Haters gonna hate and say this sounds shady, but I wished you’d come back and make me First Lady.”

Expressing political opinions has the potential to alienate Swift from her fans, especially when so many people prefer other candidates to some kid named Dillon.

“I really wish she’d stick to doing poor imitations of Joni Mitchell songs and stay the heck out of politics,” said Mrs. Shenk. “Besides, how do I know this Dillion fellow would be a suitable president until I have him over one evening and see how he behaves around the dinner table.”

(photo credit: Eva Rinaldi/CC)

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