Mixup at Family Gathering Has Mr. Penner Knipsing for a Triple Word Score


Normally Mr. Penner can be pretty confident that he’ll come out on top anytime the knipsbrat board is placed in front of him. But a mixup with the knipsers this afternoon really had Mr. Penner off his game for the first time in years.

“Oba, where’s the Crown Royal bag? I know my knipsers are in there somewhere!” exclaimed Mr. Penner. “Waut de schissjat is this yet? Scrabble tiles!”

But the knipsers were nowhere to be found and so Mr. Penner had to knips his way to a triple word score or he had absolutely no chance at all against his niece Stephanie.

“She can knips two-letter words like nobody’s business,” said Mr. Penner. “My only chance was to knips that Q next to a U and hope for the best!”

After ten rounds of knipsing Stephanie was up 150 to 75, but Mr. Penner still had one trick in his bag.

“If I can knips seven tiles off all at once I get a 50 point bonus,” said Mr. Penner. “That just might be enough to give me the lead.”

In the end Mr. Penner came just short, but he blames the fact that his niece Stephanie was knipsing right from the dictionary the entire time.

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