Long Lost Hymn 606 Discovered on Page 118


Mennonites are in celebration this week after a beloved hymn has been uncovered in a little used section of the hymnal. After a decade long investigation into the whereabouts of Hymn 606, investigators at Eastern Mennonite University have discovered the hymn on page 118 of all places.

“To be honest, we’d been looking for years and, personally, I thought it was a goner,” said lead investigator Mrs. Widmer. “I feared the worst. Too often, in cases like this, it doesn’t turn out well. This time, however, our prayers were answered and the hymn was discovered safe and sound with hardly a scratch!”

A ‘Missing Hymn Report’ was filed nearly three decades ago after choir director Mrs. Liechty opened the hymn book to find ‘Oh, have you not heard of that beautiful stream’ where ‘Praise God from whom all blessings flow’ should have been.

“There was a period of mourning for sure,” said Mrs. Liechty. “We went almost thirty years without singing our favourite song…”

The recent discovery was made after Mrs. Widmer was casually flipping through the hymn book one Sunday afternoon while her husband was watching football.

“It was just plain luck,” said Mrs. Widmer, “or perhaps divine providence. Whatever the case, we’re sure glad to have our hymn back.”

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