Stash of Roll Kuchen Discovered Beneath Trudeau’s Desk


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to apologize to the Canadian people once again this past week after a stash of delicious roll kuchen was discovered hidden beneath his desk in the House of Commons.

“I am sorry I broke the rules,” said Trudeau, wiping his sticky fingers with a serviette, “but I think one of those Mennonites on the other side of the House must have brought some in to tempt me. Probably Ed Fast or somebody…”

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that more than a few members of the Trudeau government had brought along snacks and consumed them during a particularly long parliamentary session.

“It’s like they’re having faspa over there,” said Conservative MP Candice Bergen. “The least they could do is hold hands and sing a hymn or two first!”

Some opposition members had initially spotted bagels in the Prime Minister’s hands, but changed their tune when they found out the real culprit.

“We all are hungry, but that’s no reason to defile this place with roll kuchen and watermelon rinds!” said MP Ted Falk. “Can’t we all just agree that roll kuchen can wait ’til Sunday afternoons at oma’s?”

Rumours have it that the real reason Trudeau is losing so many cabinet ministers is because he’s been hoarding all the Roger’s Golden Syrup.

(photo credit: Presidencia de la Republica Mexicana/CC)

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