What Should Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall Do In Retirement?


Brad Wall, popular long-serving Premier of Saskatchewan, and the only Mennonite Premier in Canada, announced Thursday that he would be retiring from politics in the near future. Mennonites across Saskatchewan were saddened and shocked by the news, so we decided to head to Swift Current and ask a number of seniors at the Menno Paradise Manor for retirement advice.

“What should Premier Wall do in his retirement?”

  • “Oba, well, I like to spend as much time as I can with my grandkids. At the rate of a child per day, I get to see each one once every two years. Tomorrow it’s little Samantha. Haven’t seen her since the fall of 2015.” – Dorothy Reimer, 83
  • “I’ve just got two words for him: platz.” – Herman Unger, 79
  • “Mondays: Rummikub. Tuesdays: Scrabble. Wednesdays: Dutch Blitz. Thursdays: Recover from Dutch Blitz. Fridays: Knipsbrat. Saturdays: Horeshoes. Sundays: Day of Rest. Repeat next week and every week for the rest of your life.” – John Harder, 73
  • “Coach the Riders. Jauma lied, do they need help. They also need help on the offensive line, but Brad’ll need to bulk up a bit on kielke.” – Stan Unrau, 66
  • “Retirement? It doesn’t give such. Mennonites do not retire. Except for Fuela Abe who hasn’t worked a day in his life.” – Martha Penner, 90
  • “There’s one man here who stands by the elevator all day yet and chit-chats with the ladies. After a while, I try to say “nah yo dan” but he doesn’t take a hint. What a schwaa! I don’t care what the Premier does, as long as he doesn’t become another Henry Wiebe!” – Sarah Hildebrandt, 94
  • “I think he should live a little. Maybe travel. The best place for premiers to retire? I hear Costa Rica is nice.” – Ted Goertzen, 67

(photo credit: US Embassy Canada/CC/modified)

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