Potluck Goers Prefer Mrs. Loewen’s Taco Salad to Mrs. Dueck’s


The evidence was clear: Mrs. Loewen’s taco salad is the taco salad of choice at Leamington EMBMBC church. After a recent potluck, Mrs. Dueck’s taco salad was left half-eaten while Mrs. Loewen’s was all gone with folks clamouring for more.

“I blame the positioning,” said Mrs. Dueck. “Hers came first and by the time people got to mine they’d already filled their plates.”

The positioning, however, cannot account for the return visits to the table, where Mrs. Loewen’s taco salad continued to be devoured at rapid pace.

“Oh sure, people will take some of Mrs. Dueck’s to be polite, but who are they kidding?” said Mrs. Loewen, proudly displaying her empty potluck bowl. “It’s no surprise really. She doesn’t even use crushed up Doritos!”

The same disparity was seen in the Caesar salad and potato salad entries, which had Mrs. Dueck proclaiming this is the very last time she signs up for the same thing as Mrs Loewen.

“Next time I’m just bringing a 2 litre of Sprite and calling it a day,” said Mrs. Dueck. “If these Leamington EMBMBCers don’t appreciate my efforts then it’s their loss. It’s just more for me and Earl. Haters gonna hate.”

Not to outdone, Mrs. Loewen has already signed up to bring two bottles of 7 Up to the next potluck. 

(photo credit: flippinyank/CC)

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