Mennonite Man Naps Right Through Faspa


Local man, Lyle Braun, 37, was so tuckered out after a long week at work that he slept right through faspa on Sunday. By the time he woke up his wife Anne was already packing up the kids and ready to leave Oma’s house.

“Oba, nay! Someone should have woken me up for faspa yet!” said a distraught and slightly disoriented Mr. Braun. “That’s the last time I aver lie down on the Chesterfield at Oma Braun’s house!”

Lyle is not the first Mennonite man to meddachschlop right through faspa, as the Brauns have a history of this.

“It runs in the family. Opa Braun used to meddachschlop through faspa and all the way through the evening service, too, yet,” explained Oma Braun. “I just let them sleep. More pickles and rolled up slices of processed ham for the rest of us!”

Lyle is planning to set an alarm on his phone the next time he lays down for a couple winks on the couch.

“I call it the faspa alarm,” said Lyle. “It’s the sound of squeaky cheese. That’ll wake anyone up.”

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