Mennonite Man Leaves Faspa Early to Avoid Cleaning Up the Chairs


At faspa this week, James Dueck, 37, of Winkler scrambled out of the church gymnasium just as soon as he’d wolfed down his cheese curds and dills. The reason? He was sick and tired of being stuck cleaning up the tables and chairs.

“Every time yet I’m cleaning up the chairs,” said Dueck. “It’s time I gave others an opportunity to serve.”

On previous occasions, Dueck always got so caught up in conversation about the price of hogs these days before realizing that, darn it all, it looked like he’d have to stack chairs yet again.

“But not this time,” said Dueck. “I just took my platz and made a run for it.”

On his exit, Dueck was briefly detained and questioned by Elder Vogt who saw Dueck in the hallway and wondered whether he was trying to get out of clean-up duty.

“I told him I had to do a number two,” said Dueck. “He understood the urgency of the situation and let me go.”

Dueck, always the innovative genius, also made sure to show up fifteen minutes late to avoid helping out with the set-up.

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