Reopening Plan Allows Mennonites to Uncover their Ankles


There was much rejoicing in North Kildonan this week after the province announced plans to allow fully vaccinated Mennonites to walk around with their ankles exposed.

Oba, it’ll be such a relief,” said Mr. Wiebe, who was already practicing waltzing barefoot in his bedroom. “After 18 months of covering up the ankles it’ll be nice to give them some air.”

Mrs. Wiebe, on the other hand, was not quite so ready to go around sockless.

“Not until they reopen my mani-pedi place,” said Mrs. Wiebe. “I think brown nylons suit me just fine these days, thank you very much.”

Mrs. Wiebe’s arch rival Mrs. Dueck, however, said she had not once exposed her ankles in 67 years and wasn’t about to do so now just because Roussin and Pallister said it was okay.

(photo credit: Heelsandfeet/CC)

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