Outrage in Winnipeg as Bell MTS Place Becomes Latest Victim of “Cancel Culture”


Workers changed all the signs at Winnipeg’s downtown hockey arena last night to Canada Life Place as the Bell MTS sponsorship expired.

“I was worried about the angry mobs,” said Darren Giesbrecht, who spoke under the promise of anonymity. (Oops). “We had to work quickly under the cover of darkness.”

It didn’t take long, however, before the angry mobs were shaking their fists at the new name, claiming that the change was, yet again, another example of our overly politically correct cancel culture mentality.

“What’s next? They’re going to change the SkyDome to Rogers Centre or the Air Canada Centre to the Scotiabank Centre?” yelled Mr. Plett. “It’s outrageous. This PC cancel culture BS is going too far!”

Mr. Plett is also still furious that the Jets traded Laine, but was concerned if he said too much on the topic, he too might be cancelled.

“If they change the arena name one more time, I’m boycotting,” said Mr. Plett without a touch of irony. “This cancel culture thing ends with me!”

Mr. Plett’s wife Anne subtly suggested that the issue wasn’t so much cancel culture and that perhaps it was just that her husband was an old Mennonite man who didn’t like change.

(photo credit: Wpg guy/CC) 

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