‘Three King’s Day’ Cripples Winkler Economy


Local economist Peter Froese estimates that more than $40 million was drained from the Winkler economy yesterday due to the annual Three King’s Day shut-down.

“No one knows what the heck this holiday is even for,” said Froese. “But for some reason all the Mennonites around here refuse to come to work. They say they’re going to ‘church.’ On January 6? Come on, yet!”

Bill Friesen, manager of a local farm implements dealership says he doesn’t even bother to open the shop on Three King’s Day.

“I don’t know what it is, really, but some folks call it Epiphany,” said Friesen. “Well I’ve got an epiphany for you: get your butt to work!”

Nearby Morden, where residents are not so keen to celebrate the feast day of the three kings, reaps tremendous economic benefit from the annual Mennonite holiday.

“I don’t care what the holiday is, but I hope those Winklerites keep on celebrating it,” said a Morden shop owner. “On Dreikönigsfest we make a killing!”

(photo credit: by starmanseries/CC)

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