Mennonite Man Discovers Potato and Cheese in His Perogies!


Local man Thomas Redekop, 54, was in for the surprise of his life after he cut into a delicious perogy only to discover the entire thing was filled with a mysterious substance that looked an awful lot like potato and cheese.

Waut de schissjat is going on here!” exclaimed Redekop, poking and prodding the perogy to inspect it. “Where is the Glumms yet!”

Redekop had never seen such a creation in his entire life, having subsisted entirely on cottage cheese vereniki every lunch and dinner for the past 53 years.

“Potato and cheese! It doesn’t give such! I’m not sure what has gotten into my Martha!” said Redekop. “I’m going to have a talk with the Woman’s Ministry co-ordinator and get to the bottom of this!”

Apparently, Mrs. Redekop had come under the influence of some Ukrainian friends and discovered a whole new world of possible vereniki fillings.

“Hey, I figure after 32 years of marriage, a woman should be allowed to explore a little. You know, try things out,” said Mrs. Redekop. “Potato and cheese is delicious. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to cottage cheese.”

Mr. Redekop says that unless his wife gets back onto the straight and narrow he plans to eat all his meals at a diner in Grunthal from now on. Mrs. Redekop says he’s perfectly fine with that.

(photo credit: stu_spivack/CC)

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