Mennonites Demand the Return of Prime Minister Stephen Harder


Mennonites gathered in various angry Facebook groups over the weekend to give thumbs up to a wide variety of memes calling for the replacement of Prime Minister Trudeau with Stephen Harder.

Oba, things were much better when that Stephen Harder fellow was in charge,” said Mr. Pankratz of La Crete, Alberta. “I think maybe he was an MBer, but that’s still a little better than being a Truedope.”

The angry Mennos posted a list of 95 grievances with Trudeau that they intend to hammer to the wall of 24 Sussex Drive when they get a chance to mosey on down to Ottawa.

“At least with Stephen Harder we could complain in Plautdietsch and he knew what we were saying yet,” said Pankratz. “Plus, it’s always better when you can negotiate with a man over a round or two of foarmaworscht.

The Mennos were apparently all gung ho about ditching Trudeau for Stephen Harder until they found out this Harder fellow was pro-vax.

(photo credit: michael_swan/CC/modified)

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