Mennonite Woman Refuses to Pay for Superstore Bags


Local woman Doris Goosen had her arms full yet again on Thursday evening after she refused to pay the 5 cents for the Superstore plastic bags.

“I don’t care if it take me five or six trips,” said Ms. Goosen. “I’m not giving the Loblaws people any more money than is absolutely necessary.”

Ms. Goosen left her groceries with a friendly young man who said he would look after her stuff while she walked in and out of the store hauling her onions and detergent back to the Buick.

“I remember the days when Penner Foods used to do this for me,” said Goosen. “Now I’ve gotta pay for plastic bags! Never!”

After three long hours, Ms. Goosen’s Buick was loaded up and she was ready go to. She plans to ask the neighbour boy to help her load the groceries into her Assisted-Living condo.

(photo credit: by meaduva/CC)

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