Mennonite Woman Calls 911 Because Her Whopper is Not a Big Mac


Lines at Steinbach’s brand new Burger King location snaked all the way to Winkler this afternoon, but some locals were not satisfied with what they discovered when they finally arrived at the restaurant.

Waut de kuckuck is this yet?” wondered Mrs. Kehler. “This looks absolutely nothing like the Big Mac I’m used to!”

Kehler had been in line for more than 6 hours and when found out she Whopper was not Big Mac, she decided to call 911.

“Hello, RCMP? This is Mrs. Kehler. I’m at Burger King,” she explained. “Please sent your top cop. There’s no special sauce here. It’s an emergency!”

Police rushed to the scene, but could not address the matter for quite some time as they had to line up at the start of the line which was somewhere by the Co-op in Winkler.

“Normally we like to respond in 5 minutes or less,” said Officer Harder-Peters, “but that lineup was sooooooo long.”

Meanwhile another local called 911 because her Wendy’s chili seemed to contain what looked like real beef and she wasn’t used to that from a fast food restaurant. 

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