Mennonite Woman Caught Dealing Dime Bags of White Sugar


Altona’s most notorious sugar dealer, 83-year-old Edith Braun, has been caught dealing “dime bags” of white sugar in the hallways of Southview Manor.

“The street price of white sugar has soared this holiday season,” said Braun. “I can barely keep up with the demand.”

Braun reportedly squirrelled away a couple bags of white sugar this past summer and has been doling it out in small quantities ever since.

“If you’ve got the money, I’ve got your sugar,” said Braun. “And trust me. This is the good stuff. Rogers.”

Braun’s racket came to an end this weekend after a sting operation involving Mrs. Unrau and Mrs. Lepp, who, as it turns out, are actually working undercover for the EMMMMC church.

“We had to get this sugar off the streets and into the hands of the authorities,” said Mrs. Unrau. “After all, us church ladies have a lot of baking to do.”

Unrau and Lepp reportedly seized more than $800,000 worth of white sugar during the raid, plus a few sachets of Sweet ‘N Low.

(photo credit: Marco Verch Professional Photographer/CC)

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