Dad Kills Deer With the Car, Tells Horrified Children ‘Bambi’s Just Having Meddachschlop’


On a family outing to Kenora this past weekend, local dad Arnold Koop of Reinland smacked right into a deer with the family Caravan. While the carnage seemed to horrify his young family, the father of four was able to console his children by suggesting that the dismembered corpse strewn across the highway was simply having a nice long meddachschlop.

“The kids were screaming when we slammed into Bambi just outside Falcon Lake,” said Koop. “But when I told them was he was only napping they seemed to feel a bit better about the whole situation.”

After moving the deer to the side of the road and cleaning the blood off his windshield, Koop took the whole family for chocolate dipped cones and explained to them that the deer was just fine.

“So, it’s just like the rest you and mom have every Sunday afternoon?” asked young Emma, age 8.

“Yes, umm, yes, it’s exactly like that,” said Koop. “The deer is having meddachschlop with his wife down there in the ditch with the door locked, while his children are watching Dora at high volume in the basement.”

The children seemed relieved by the story, while they quickly devoured their ice cream treats. Arnold then told the kids he was certain that after a nice long nap Bambi would wake up and make faspa for his family.

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