Lucky Mennonite Man Has Meddachschlop on a Wednesday


Wilbert Goossen of Rosthern broke centuries of Mennonite tradition this week by having meddachschlop in the middle of the week.

“Usually, Linda lays down with me for a meddachschlop on Sunday afternoon, and that’s only when I initiate it,” explained Goossen, “but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined meddachschlop at 2 pm on a Wednesday.”

Goossen says he hasn’t meddachschlopped on a weekday since before the kids were born.

“And that was a long time ago, let me tell you,” said Goossen. “But Donovan just moved out last month, so we’re empty nesters now. I guess we can have meddachschlop whenever the spirit moves, as they say.”

Goossen says Wednesday afternoon meddachschlop is fantastic and encourages all Mennonite couples to try it.

“Just after the Price is Right is a great time for meddachschlop,” said Goossen. “Just whatever you do, please make sure the ladies aren’t coming over for Bible study. Linda and I learned that the hard way.”

The Goossens plan to continue to have mid-week meddachschlops, as they’re getting older now and sometimes need a nice afternoon nap on a Wednesday.

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