Cruisers to Have Exclusive Access to Steinbach Main Street on Friday Nights


Starting this weekend, cruisers will be given exclusive rights to make use of Steinbach’s Main Street on Friday nights from 6 pm to 3 am, “for whatever purposes they may require.”

“It’s just part of our recreation plan for the city,” said councillor Dwayne Friesen. “It’s about time we let the cruisers have full reign of the street.”

Starting this Friday anyone caught using the street to get from one place to another will be given a steep $500 fine and 5 demerits on their license.

“We don’t want people using the street as it was actually intended on Friday nights…or basically any time the weather’s nice,” said Friesen. “Unless you’re doing laps, you’re not welcome. Stick to the side streets or face a hefty fine!”

The traffic lights on Main Street will also be reprogrammed to suit the drag-racing needs of Steinbach’s cruising community.

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