A List of Better Secular Alternatives to Wholesome Christian Rock Bands

Growing up as a Mennonite kid, and one who attended a private Christian school in the 1990s, I’ve had more than my fair share of inferior Christian rock thrust upon me against my will. Back in the olden days when people still bought CDs (instead of the more modern and hip technology of vinyl records), Christian bands were often marketed as wholesome equivalents to popular secular artists. And back in those days, we all deluded ourselves into thinking this largely lousy music was actually good quality. I’ve decided to revisit this idea and offer musical recommendations.

  • If for some reason you like Carman, you really should listen to Meatloaf instead
  • If Petra just ain’t doing it for you anymore, why not listen to some Arcade Fire? 
  • That Kathy Troccoli album could easily be swapped out for the much superior Donna Summer
  • I’m sure that fans of DC Talk would prefer The Beastie Boys
  • Amy Grant-ophiles would really get a kick out of the musical stylings of St. Vincent
  • Stop listening to JC and The Boyz every weekend and add some Erik B. and Rakim to your playlist
  • Rather than the obvious comparison to U2, we’re going to recommend that Delirious? fans check out Brian Eno
  • Stephen Curtis Chapman is basically the less good Christian version of Bruce Springsteen
  • Larry Norman – okay, well, he was actually really good, but if you want to change it up why not throw on some early 70s Neil Young? Tonight’s the Night.
  • It’s hard to believe people listened to the Newsboys when they could have been jamming to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
  • If Audio Adrenaline was your go-to-band, you really should check out R.E.M.
  • If you were forced to listen to Rebecca St. James, why not try some Kate Bush instead?
  • Fans of Southern Gospel quartet The Cathedrals would have their minds blown by Gram Parsons 
  • Stryper fans should really be listening to Dream Theater
  • If you’re still rocking out to Switchfoot, why not try Coldplay for a change…nevermind…stick with Switchfoot.

(photo credit: Candie_N/CC)

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