Mennonite Man Wraps the Presents this Year


Overwhelmed with all the gifts that needed wrapping this yer, Mrs. Janzen decided to recruit her husband Earl to pitch in. The decision, however, is one of the greatest regrets of her life.

“I gave him a few toys and books for the grandkids and asked if he could help out,” explained Mrs. Janzen, “but it was a complete disaster. Quite frankly, I’m embarrassed with the results.”

Husband Earl, however, says he did his very best and it’s what’s inside the wrapping that counts anyway.

“So my edges didn’t line up. Big deal,” said Earl. “If it was up to me we just toss it in a gift bag and be done with it.”

Mrs. Janzen hopes no one notices Earl’s terrible wrapping and hopes it doesn’t put a damper on the festive mood.

“I’m not going to let him pitch in with the baking that’s for sure,” said Mrs. Janzen. “A slopping wrapping job is one thing, but no one, absolutely no one, messes with my peppernuts!”

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