Mennonite Writer Starts Lucrative New Business Proofreading Protest Signs


Local Mennonite writer Wilma Thiessen, 41, has started a lucrative new side hustle correcting spelling and grammar on protest signs.

“Ah, see, you need two Ps in ‘oppression’ there, Mr. Klassen,” said Thiessen. “And that should be ‘freedom’ not ‘fredom’. Oh, and it’s ‘Trudeau’ not ‘Trudaeu’. Don’t worry, that one gets me too.”

Thiessen has seen a huge uptick in business as of late and has set up a mobile proofreading booth at government buildings and border crossings across the country.

“I’m also willing to do some fact-checking for a fee,” said Thiessen, “but they’re usually only interested in a quick spell check.”

Thiessen says she charges $20 to proofread a sign, or $40 if she has to translate from Low German. She says she’s also willing to point out typos in Daily Bonnet articles for a nominal charge.

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