Mennonite Couple Saves a Fortune by Sharing Dish at Local Restaurant


Local couple, Bill and Anne Kliewer, have accumulated enough money to last the rest of their lives after sharing a 3 piece meal at the local Chicken Chef.

“What’s 10.95 divided by two?” wondered Bill. “Jauma, Annie, I don’t tink we’ll aver have money worries again!”

Since they both turned 60 this year, the Kliewer have noticed a significant decline in appetite.

“Years ago, when I was pregnant with our son Benny, I used to say I was eating for two,” explained Anne. “Now, me and Bill, well the two of us are eating for one!”

The new dish-splitting has not been all rainbows and sunshine for the couple, however.

“We fought like cats and dogs for that drumstick,” said Bill. “She overpowered me in minutes.”

Bill and Anne also shared a bottomless glass of Papsi and wiped their fingers on the same greasy napkin.

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