Oma Toews Accidentally Uses Liquor Store Bags for the Tutes this Year


Oma Penner had dozens of brown paper bags kicking around this year and decided to fill them with peanuts and drop them off at all her grandkid’s doorsteps.

“Oba, looks like Oma’s been drinking again,” said young Peter reaching cautiously into the Liquor Mart bag. “I sure it’s a Mandarin orange and pack of Juicy Fruit in here like usual.”

Young Peter was relieved to discover the usual Christmas treats, though for some reason his parents were not as enthusiastic about the contents.

“I was hoping for at least a Lagavulin 8 or something,” said Mr. Penner. “Ahh, well these unsalted peanuts will have to do.”

Oma Toews, however, claims the bags aren’t hers but belong to Mrs. Dueck across the hall.

“Never you believe it,” said Mrs. Dueck. “I got those tute bags from Mrs. Unger.”

Mrs. Unger, however, said the bags came into her possession after being donated by Mrs. Klippenstein or Mrs. Baerg. She can’t quite recall.

This blame game went on for quite some time before it was determined that the tute peanuts were stale and someone had to be held responsible for that atrocity as well.

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