Mennonite Man Opts for Incontinental Breakfast


In what has been described as the most inadvisable breakfast order of the decade, Pete Wiens of Morden became the first customer at the Come On Down Inn in Grand Forks to opt for the “incontinental breakfast.”

“Quite frankly I don’t even know why it’s on the menu,” said hotel server Diane. “No one’s ever ordered it. Except for Mr. Wiens from Morden. I immediately called in reinforcements.”

Diane says she tried to convince him otherwise, but Wiens said “oba, nay, let me try the incontinental brackfast once yet.”

The Come On Down Inn’s Incontinental Breakfast consists of massive jugs of coffee and tea, eggs with super spicy hot sauce, and suspicious-looking chocolate bars.

“It’s a bargain at only $8.99,” said Diane, “but customers ordering the incontinental breakfast are forbidden from using the hot tub.”

As for Wiens, he says he quite enjoyed the breakfast, saying it is a contrast from his wife Martha’s Mennonite breakfasts which “usually just clogs me up for a whole week.”

The Come On Down Inn reported more than $8000 in damages due to Wiens’s breakfast order, but don’t plan to take it off the menu anytime soon.

“We’ve got to compete. The hotel business is cut throat,” said Diane. “I mean, we don’t want Wiens taking his family over to the Super 8 or something.”

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