Special Number is Not All That Special


Every time the Friesen sisters come up to the front to do their zany rendition of ‘Power in the Blood’ congregants of East Altona Brethren Church are left questioning what exactly was so “special” about this “special number.”

“It didn’t seem that great to me,” said attendee Rose Peters. “I mean, if throwing on a fake moustache and forgetting your lines is ‘special’ then I think we’ve lowered the bar a little too far.”

Pastor Dave, however, insists the ladies need to be given a chance to discover and develop their gifts at least once a month or so.

“I get it. They ain’t great,” said Dave. “But it’s not the quality of the music that’s important. Unlike so many churches today that like to put on a show, here at East Altona Brethren we’re teaching the young people that church isn’t about ‘me’ – it’s about indulging Taunte Mary’s need to embarrass herself.”

Many of the younger congregants squirmed in their seats throughout the entire twenty-five minute Friesen Sisters set.

“Ugh, there they go again,” said Tommy Berg, noticeably irritated. “Can’t we just do a responsive reading or something?”

(photo credit: Steven Sheets/cc/modified)

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