Marie Kondo Inspires Huge Surge of Donations to Local Thrift Store


The popularity of tidying guru Marie Kondo has meant a huge surge in donations to thrift stores across Mennonite country.

“Do these margarine containers spark joy?” wondered Mrs. Friesen. “Meh, not really. To the MCC they go!”

Mrs. Friesen also decided to get rid of her Danny Orlis books, her complete collection of 1970s Eatons catalogues, and the dozens of polyester pants she was saving just in case Darren ever decided to move back home.

“I’m really purging,” said Mrs. Friesen. “I’m not sure the MCC will be able to fit all my old junk.”

One of the few things Mrs. Friesen kept was her wide range of different shades of brown nylons and her AM radio.

“I don’t care what anyone says,” said Mrs. Friesen. “Listening to the funeral announcements brings me great joy.”

(photo credit: RISE/CC)

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