Senator Gets Lost on the Way to Landmark, Manitoba


On his way to Landmark, Manitoba during the holidays, Canadian Senator Don Plett got totally disoriented and somehow wound up in a beautiful Mexican resort instead.

Diewel, these roads are confusing,” said Plett. “Do I turn left or right on the 206? Ah, whatever, I guess I’ll just keep on heading south.”

Passing the “Centre of Canada” sign, Plett just kept on going and, after a thirty-hour detour, he found himself at the Mexican border.

“Surely, I must be in Landmark by now. But where’s Maple Leaf Feeds? Where’s the Archie Plett Park and Giesbrecht Mechanical?” wondered the bewildered Senator. “Waut de schissjat is this yet? This doesn’t look anything like the Landmark I know and love.”

However, after a short drive into Mexico, the Senator’s befuddlement soon dissipated.

“Once I arrived in Chihuahua I knew I must be getting close to home,” said the Senator. “Jauma, that place is full of Pletts.”

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