Mennonite Man Leaves Generous Tip of Two Gospel Tracts


A waitress at a coffee shop in Kidron was excited by the generous tip left by one of her patrons this morning. After ordering two slices of toast and a glass of orange juice, Mr. Hofstetter paid the bill to the penny and tossed a couple gospel tracts on the table.

“I’m so thankful for his kind gesture,” said Anna, who’s been working at Kidron Coffee Corner for the past six months. “These gospel tracts will really go a long way to paying for my college tuition.”

Anna was also very excited for the chance to sit back this evening and read the free literature.

“I don’t blame him,” said Anna. “He saw my pierced ears and made a few assumptions about my eternal destiny. Makes sense to me.”

Anna said she wasn’t sure what faith group Mr. Hofstetter belonged to, but given his generosity and effectiveness of his witness, she’s going to make sure to convert to his precise denomination.

“As a waitress in a Mennonite town I often get gospel tracts as tips, but never two of them!” said Anna. “I’m truly blessed.”

(photo credit: Paulo O/CC)
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