Mennonite Woman Takes Three Hours Between Scrabble Moves


The Scrabble match between Mrs. Ens and Mrs. Thiessen at the Rosthern Manor this week has taken much longer than expected due to Mrs. Thiessen’s insistence on poring through the dictionary to find the best possible word she can play with the letters PVAAEUT.

“We started the game at 5:30 this morning, just after breakfast, and she’d only played her second move by lunch,” said Mrs. Ens. “Let me tell you, this is the last time I play by ‘Thiessen rules’ which allow the dictionary and no time limits!”

So far Mrs. Ens has a respectable score of 83 after three moves, while Mrs. Thiessen is reading through the entire P and V sections plus moving her letters all around to find so way of using that X that’s already on the board.

“Just a minute. Just another minute,” said Mrs. Thiessen, fiddling with her tiles. “I’m almost ready!”

Just when it looked like Mrs. Thiessen was about to lay down her tiles, she put them back onto her rack and rearranged them another thirty or forty times.

“And there we go!” said Mrs. Thiessen, laying down her letters in the early afternoon. “C-A-T. Cat. That’s five points!”

The match is expected to take until the end of the month, at which point their husbands will just be wrapping up a single game of knipsbrat.

(photo credit: Tony Alter/CC)

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