Mennonite Man Creates Crokinole-Curling-Ice Fishing Hybrid


Days after the world debut of a crokinole-curling hybrid called ‘Crokicurl’ (yes, this is a real thing), Winkler man Pete Sawatzky decided he could do one better by adding ice fishing to the mix.

“You’ve got da knispbratthere and da curling, oba yo,” said Sawatzky. “All you need for a rally good time is to have da ice fashing yat.”

Sawatzky has already secured a spot at the Forks near Raw:Almond for his new invention.

“Go try out da ‘Crokicurl’ if you want, but then try my game too yat,” said Sawatzky. “I guarantee you’ll have a good time.”

Sawatzky says the object of the game is the maneuver the rocks around old Mennonite men who will be sitting on buckets ice fishing.

“You try an’ shoot the rocks into these nice holes I’ve made in da river once,” said Sawatzky. “It’ll be quite the challenge…and you can only play once.”

Sawatzky plans to retrieve the curling rocks from the bottom of the Assiniboine River in Spring.

(photo credit: by dailyinvention)

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