Mennonite Town Bans Pickleball After Concerns About “Dinking”


Pickleball has caught on across the country. However, concerns about an activity called “dinking” has led one Mennonite community to ban the sport.

“We want our seniors to live chaste lives,” said Reinthal Recreation Coordinator Art Groening. “It’s bad enough that they’re playing co-ed sports. We don’t need them dinking yet.”

Still area seniors say their drinking is all in good taste.

“I’ve been dinking with Mrs. Plett and she never complains,” said local dinker Dave Wiens. “I know our dinking can get noisy at times, but we’re having a good time and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?”

Groening says the dinking has gone on long enough and is giving their town a bad reputation.

“We’ve got a lot of Dycks around here,” said Groening, “but we don’t need our Dycks dinking.”

The local pickleball community has agreed to stop dinking and just starting smashing like they’re tennis played or something. There is still no word on whether their plan to smash instead of dink will be approved by town officials.

(photo credit: Rob B/CC)

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