Mennonite Man Converts JWs at the Front Door


On a frosty winter morning, after a marathon theological discussion that lasted almost five hours, Mr. Peter Siemens of Altona successfully converted the Jehovah’s Witnesses at his front door.

“I was still in my pyjamas when they rang the bell at 7:30 this morning,” said Mr. Siemens, “but I was ready for them!”

The discussion covered a wide variety of subjects including the End Times, the trinity, and whether you should refuse to join the army…or join the army and just shoot over the enemy’s head. Every time the pair of JWs were about to leave, Mr. Siemens kept them at the door, by saying, “But just one more thing…”

“We got through a lot of material at the front door,” said Siemens. “It never even occurred to me to invite them inside.”

The JWs, who are now calling themselves Mennonites, apparently agreed to convert if Siemens would let them inside for just fifteen minutes to warm up.

“When a man’s frost bitten they’ll agree to anything,” said Siemens. “I’ve converted a lot of people this way.”

If his calculations are correct, Siemens will have converted 144,000 chilly JWs by the end of January.

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