Mennonite Man Buys a Round of Tap Water for the Whole Bar


Allan Hostetler, 29, of Lancaster was feeling particularly generous at the bar last night and decided he’d order a round of tap water for the entire bar.

“There were about thirty or forty people in the bar at the time watching the game,” said Hostetler. “But I spared no expense. I even splurged and got a scoop of ice in every glass.”

After the 76ers scored late in the fourth quarter to take the lead, Hostetler was so excited that he just stood up and yelled, “The tap water is on me for the next hour!” A cheer arose from the crowd, who had never before experienced such generosity from a Mennonite man.

“I don’t know what came over me,” said Hostetler. “I guess by then I’d had a few too many tap waters myself.”

The local sports bar was so surprised by Hosteteler’s generosity that they’ve even named a sandwich after him.

“It’s two pieces of white bread and lard,” said the bar owner. “We’re calling it the Mennonite Hero.”

The bar has also announced that tap water will now cost $6.99 a pint.

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