Netflix to Crack Down on Mennonites Sharing Passwords


After losing more than 200,000 subscribers and millions of dollars last month, streaming service Netflix plans to crack down on the more than 1.5 million Reimers all sharing the same Netflix password.

“We let it slide for years,” said Netflix CEO Rob Groening, “but enough is enough. When you’re losing millions of dollars each month we’ve gotta recoup the funds somehow.”

Starting June 1, all the Reimers currently using Uncle Bob’s username and password will be expected to shell out twenty bucks a month for their own account.

“It’s going to be really painful,” said Groening, “but we have no other choice. I expect a decline in tithing as a result.”

Those wishing to quickly binge watch a few shows before the crack down, can do so by logging in with username and password bringback606.

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