Mennonite Man Brings Shame to the Entire Friesen Clan by Clapping Between Movements


Area man Dan Friesen, 51, sullied the good name of the Friesens this week after clapping between movements during a performance of the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.

“Well, pardon me for showing my appreciation for Karl Stobbe,” said Friesen. “Besides, I thought this no clapping rule was just a church thing.”

When world renowned violinist James Ehnes took the stage, Friesen continued to clap at each and every opportunity.

“I guess the rebel Menno in me just took over,” said Friesen. “No wonder they don’t let me into the East South Altona Mennonite Church anymore.”

Friesen’s faux pax of clapping between movements drew the attention of the entire Manitoba Friesen community.

“They were even talking about me on Classic 107,” said Friesen, “but I was most concerned about the gossip in the church lobby.”

Friesen is being forced to take a classical music etiquette course, where he will also be asked to work on curbing his penchant for knacking zoat into the orchestra pit.

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