My Grandma Doesn’t Believe This Photo Will Reach Around the World

My dear old grandmother, Aganeta Penner, doesn’t believe this photo will reach around the world, so to teach her about Internet safety, I’ve decided to run a social experiment to show her just how far this photo can reach.

Grandma Penner has been inadvertently posting photos on Facebook of many things that should be kept private like her schnetje recipe, her opinions on Mrs. Doerksen’s waistline, and pictures of her wearing nothing but a slip.

When I told her she should be more careful what she posts online, she replied, “Ach, what is all this Internets, yet?”

I’m really having trouble proving to her that anything you post online can potentially be viewed by people all over the world.

, it doesn’t give such,” she said. “Maybe my neighbour Mrs. Herman Toews can see it. She’s such en Klotjedroaga. But that’s it. How anyone else could see it yet, I don’t know.”

I told her that we would post her picture on The Daily Bonnet and see how many people viewed it. She says she thinks it might be three or four since her grandchildren are on the Internets. I’m guessing it might be a few more than that.

Please help us teach Oma Penner an important lesson about Internet safety.

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