Mennonite Family Working on Same Jigsaw Puzzle Since 1987


The Epp family of Didsbury has been working on the same 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle since the Easter gathering of 1987.

“We’ve still got a ways to go,” said Grandma Epp, 93. “Since Dad passed, it’s really been slow going.”

The Epps haul out the perfectly preserved jigsaw puzzle at every family gathering where each cousin contributes a piece or two before quickly getting bored and retiring to the living room to watch hockey.

“It’s a winter farm scene. We can tell that already,” said Grandma Epp. “Still, I hope we can finish this thing before I go to join Dad.”

Even though the Epps have got all the corner pieces identified and have grouped the pieces by colour, they’re still struggling to get everything together.

“Once the great-grandkids came around we really regressed a lot. I think little Timmy swallowed five puzzle pieces in a single afternoon!” explained Grandma Epp. “You have to be careful with those little scamps or we’ll never get this thing done!”

Once completed, Grandma Epp hopes to frame the puzzle and hang it over her fireplace next to the other puzzle the family put together between ’58 and ’86.

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