Missing Knipser Finally Found


The Bergmanns of Reinland had been unable to play a proper game of knipsbrat (or knipsdesh as they call it in their Jantsied dialect) since a gathering this summer, because they did not have a full complement of knipsers.

“We’ve been one short since the Bergmann tournament back in July,” said Mr. Bergmann. “We searched all over for it. Under the Chesterfield pillows, in the golden syrup cupboard, everywhere!”

They even waited a full twenty-four hours and checked the dog run in the backyard just in case Rufus had inadvertently swallowed it.

“Nope. It wasn’t there either,” said Bergmann. “That missing knipser was really keeping me up at night.”

Thankfully, however, the Bergmann knipsbrat/knipsdesh tournaments can finally resume in time for Thanksgiving after the missing knipser was located in the Tante Lina’s “intimates” drawer.

“We’re not even going to ask how it got in there,” said Mr. Bergmann. “Some things are better left a mystery.”

Now that the missing knipser has been located and sanitized, the Bergmanns are on the lookout for the long lost E tile from their Scrabble game.

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