Mennonite Exotic Dancer Thrills Audience by Removing Her Düak


Local woman Mrs. A. Klippenstein, 22, stunned the attendees of a Jack and Jill wedding shower by standing in the middle of the living room and removing her düak.

“I’ve heard these wedding showers can get kind of wild, especially after the dandelion wine is poured, but never would I imagine such a sight as a woman’s completely uncovered head,” said Mrs. Unger, who was hosting the party in her Kronsgarden bungalow. “I quickly put my hands over my husband’s eyes.”

Mrs. Klippenstein took the stage, so to speak, when a particularly lively Elvis gospel tune started playing in the background.

“I’m never playing ‘I’ve Got Confidence’ again,” said Mrs. Unger. “It gives the ladies too many ideas.”

As soon as the song started, Mrs. Klippenstein stood up, planted herself in the centre of the room, and playfully tossed her düak to the floor, while jaws dropped across the room.

“It was disgraceful really,” said Mrs. Unger. “It was a good thing I stopped her before she showed off her ankles.”

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