Fact Checks Mennonite Pastor’s Sermon


According to leading fact-checking website, a sermon by our very own Pastor Dave has been found to be “FALSE.”

“In his Oct. 21 sermon, three of Pastor Dave’s sermon illustrations were discovered to have been completely made-up, while his exegesis on the Book of Isaiah was iffy at best.”

This isn’t the first time Pastor Dave’s scriptural interpretation has been brought into questioning.

“I always thought his view on gender roles was pretty far fetched,” said Mrs. Reimer. “I’m glad someone finally called him out on his BS.”

Pastor Dave was quick to respond to the accusation.

“Oba, nay! When I preach a sermon, I make sure to read the little notes by Charles Ryrie at the bottom of the page just like everyone else does!” said Pastor Dave. “So, who are they to question my and/or Charles Ryrie’s interpretation!”

Snopes also rated Pastor Dave’s anecdotes at lunch that afternoon as a “Mixture.”

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