Winkler Man Ruled ‘Too Old’ to be Cruising Main Street


A middle-aged Winkler man was fined on Friday for being ‘forty years too old to be cruising up and down Main Street all evening.’ Lyle Dueck, 65, was caught doing laps with the younger cruisers.

“Main Street wasn’t designed for people his age,” said local police officer Allan Loewen. “This street is for the exclusive use of single men under the age of thirty who have nothing better to do than drive up and down the street all evening.”

Dueck said he started cruising Main Street again after his recent divorce.

“I’ve got nothing better to do on Friday nights now anyway,” said Dueck. “All I’ve got left is this ’88 Trans Am.”

Dueck admits he is a bit older than the rest of the crowd, but claims the youngsters have accepted him as one of their own.

“It’s just the cops, man, who’re trying to shut us down all the time,” said Dueck. “I wish they would just leave us cruisers alone.”

(photo credit: by GPS 56/CC)

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