“Skibidi Toilet” Added to Oxford English Dictionary


Intending to represent the diverse and sophisticated vernacular of the present generation, Oxford English Dictionary has added several new words to their pages include rizz, gyatt, mew, and, of course, skibidi toilet.

“To be honest, we’re just trying to sell dictionaries,” said dictionary editor Allison Smythe from her Oxford University office. “We’ll basically put anything in there as long it was a slang for at least a month or two.”

Smythe says the crew at Oxford doesn’t actually know how to define these words, exactly, but says it doesn’t really matter since they can just get the definitions off the Internet anyway.

“If you want to know what these words mean, just ask your grandkids,” said Smythe. “You might be in for a pleasant surprise.”

Meanwhile, Oxford has removed “acrimony,” “ostentatious,” “capricious,” and “anomaly,” since they were just too big and no one was using them anymore.

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