Morden Man Successfully Stretches Penny Into Copper Wire


Local man, Reginald F. Braun, 63, has been dubbed the ‘Mennonite King Midas’ after becoming the first person to stretch a penny into copper wire.

“That old Mr. Braun is just amazing,” said one of his enthusiastic supporters. “He can stretch a penny like no Mennonite I’ve ever seen before him…and Mennonites are no slouches when it comes to pinching and/or stretching pennies.”

After years of nickel and diming every shop-owner in town, Braun allegedly took a penny from the “take a penny, leave a penny” jar and pressed it between his thumb and forefinger in such a manner that the copper began to lose its shape.

“I gripped onto it so tight because there was just no way I’d let that penny leave my hands,” said Braun. “When I opened my hand again I found a complete spool of copper wire.”

Braun’s abilities are being hailed as a miracle in Morden.

“What can I say?” said a supporter. “It’s every Mennonite’s dream to stretch a penny like that. He’s blessed. He’s got the Midas touch.”

(Photo credit: by Kasia/flickr/CC)

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