Health Conscious Mennonite Woman Opts for ‘Diet Papsi’


Area woman Agnes Epp, 71, has decided to make a few changes in her life, including reducing her sugar intake.

“So that’s why I’ve gone over to the Diet Papsi,” said Epp. “Do you know how many grams of sugar are in a ragular Papsi?”

Epp says it’ll take her a little while to get used to the Diet Papsi, but figures eventually she’ll acquire a taste.

“Plus, I hear it’s got some artificial sweetner in there or something,” said Epp. “What do they call it? Epps-partame?”

Meanwhile, Epp’s husband Earl plans to stick with the Papsi he knows and loves.

“There’s no convincing that man to give up his Papsi,” said Epp. “He doesn’t like it when I try to feed him low sodium rapple chaps, either.”

(photo credit: frankieleon/CC)

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